Established 1986

Dar Al Maarifah

Since its establishment in 1986, Dar Al-Maarifa has held the secretariat of publishing that is committed to everything that is related to the needs of the nation and society. and Tajweed Quran with Time-color coding, and its various publications, and its readings, translations and other distinguished services, was the summary of this commitment, bearing in mind keeping up with the latest contemporary technologies in a spirit of renewed innovation to reach All over the world.


For the past 36 years, Dar Al Maarifah has simplified Quran recitation for millions of Muslims around the world. Today, we continue to serve the Holy Quran creatively with more than 40 branches, agent and distributors around the world. We take pride in being a part of the journey of millions of Muslims to better recite the Holy Quran.


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